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Emily Le Couteur


Emily is passionate about Acting, Modelling and Performing. She is a fluent reader in both English and Greek and is able to learn her lines verbatim independently and promptly. She naturally adapts to different situations and characters, is at her best in front of a Camera and responds well when given clear direction and feedback.

She loves learning French and Greek and her strengths are reading, literacy and English. An accomplished Actress and Model with a passion in the arts. She attends weekly dance classes including  Private Singing, Piano and Violin  lessons.  She enjoys her weekly Taekwondo classes along with her Yoga on Monday to start off her busy week.

In her “spare” time Emily enjoys going to the park, trampolining, rock climbing and most of all hanging out or playing chess with her nephews.

Emily has worked on several TVC’s and Short Films portraying characters from happy to  sad, her ambition is to bring the charachter to life and make it her own. She has a very adaptable and versatile look and can take direction in her roles and use emotion to tell a story in her expression. A true Actor at such a young age Emily’s passion is to be in front of a Camera doing what she does best.

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